Top 10 Colour Prediction Apps to Earn Free Cash in 2023

Prediction games, unlike traditional trivia, prioritize guessing future events over testing players' knowledge. These games are distinct from gambling and fall outside the scope of gambling regulations. Colour Prediction Games are gaining popularity online, following the trend set by fantasy sports.

Vip Daman Games' Blogs previously created a Top 5 list of colour prediction apps for 2023. However, we want to give you a larger pool of games that will entertain you and make money at the same time.

Some of the brands in this list are also on the previous list, so you will see some familiar brands.

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Top 10 Colour Prediction Apps this 2023

1. Daman Games

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In Daman Games, there are various games similar to Colour Prediction, yet the most well-liked one is Win Go Colour Prediction. Let's delve into this game. In the Win Go Colour Prediction of Daman, you'll find three colours: Violet, Green, and Red. Your task is to predict one of these colours, and if your prediction is accurate, you'll receive a reward.

For correct predictions on either red or green, you'll earn a 1.94x return on your investment. For instance, if you wager Rs 10 on one of these colours and your prediction is correct, you'll receive Rs 19.4 in return for your Rs 10 bet. If you correctly predict Violet, your return will be 4.2x. Additionally, you have the option to predict specific numbers, which offer even higher returns. However, it's crucial to make well-informed bets rather than simply relying on chance.

2. Vclub ColourTrading App

Vclub is an online colour prediction game accessible on various devices through your browser and also as an Android app. By accurately predicting colours on VClub, you have the opportunity to earn free Paytm currency daily. VClub also features a highly recommended referral program where you can invite friends. If they deposit money or recharge their wallet, you'll receive an INR 121 referral bonus. This colour prediction game offers a legitimate and trustworthy way to earn pocket money without dedicating extensive time.

3. Fastwin Colour Prediction Game

There are various prediction games accessible on the internet, and among them, Fastwin stands out as one of the top colour prediction apps. One notable feature of the Fastwin colour prediction game is that they do not impose any withdrawal fees. This means that when you cash out your earnings, you will receive the full amount without any service charges. For example, if you withdraw $2,000, you will receive the entire $2,000 in your bank account.

To generate income using the Fastwin app, you need to make a small investment. The greater your investment, the higher your potential profits.

Various gaming options are available for earning money through online games, including Quick Andar Bahar, Parity, Minesweeper, and Dice, and our traditional 3-minute colour prediction game.


Please note that Fiewin has now closed, and in its place, the Fastwin app has been launched. It's essentially the same app with a name change.

4. Amanda Colour Prediction Apps

Amanda is a newly established colour prediction application that has been in operation for a year and has received a positive response. It offers quick earnings with instant withdrawal options. Many Amanda users are already earning significant sums of money, thanks to its rewarding referral program.

When you refer someone to this app or website, you receive a commission of Rs. 108 for each referral. If your referred friend recharges with Rs. 100 or more, you will earn Rs. 108. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer, so it's an excellent opportunity to earn money through the Joymall colour prediction game APK.

5. MaryJewerly Colour Prediction Game

The MaryJewelry app stands out as the top colour prediction game in India, offering rewards for accurate predictions. Additionally, you can boost your earnings through the MaryJewelry referral program, earning Rs. 138 for every successful referral.

This app provides an effortless way to earn substantial real cash with minimal effort.

In this online colour prediction game, your task is to predict a single colour, and if your assumption is accurate, you win. This category of prediction games encompasses options like Parity, Sapre, Boone, and Emerald, among others. You need to make a colour assumption and place your bet accordingly. If the outcome matches your predicted colour, you secure a win and can earn money through these colour prediction games.

6. Wingo Colour Prediction Apps

The Wingo colour prediction game, available for download and payout, is a win-and-go competition where you predict a colour and, if correct, can double or triple your money (depending on your bet amount). There's some data provided alongside the color that can aid in making predictions. You can enjoy it on both mobile devices and computers. So, why wait? Install it and stand a chance to win up to Rs 2000 daily with this top online colour prediction app.

7. RoyalWin colour Prediction Game

The RoyalWin app is another fantastic online colour prediction game that doesn't require a recharge. Upon joining, you'll receive a Rs 100 bonus, and you can withdraw funds even when not actively playing. It's important to note that there is no longer an incentive to join the RoyalWin app, but it does offer five levels of commission.

8. CWin Colour Prediction Apps

CWin, the Colour Prediction Game calculator, offers you the chance to earn free Paytm cash daily by simply making accurate colour predictions on CWin. You can also take advantage of the CWin referral program to refer friends and earn a commission on their wins.

Additionally, there are various other exciting daily rewards, such as CWin Red Envelopes and Daily Tasks, which you can complete, collect, and use to participate in Colour Prediction Games. Download this fortunate colour prediction game and stand a chance to win up to lakhs within a few months.

9. COOE Colour prediction Game

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Cooe, the colour prediction game hack, is a vital app for those seeking online money-making opportunities. You can refer friends, take surveys, play games, and accumulate points or cash. Similar to Fiewin and JoyMall, you can earn money by predicting red and green colours. The Cooe App features a user-friendly interface that anyone can easily navigate.

10. MantriGame Colour Prediction Apps

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Mantrigame stands out as the top colour prediction game, featuring bonuses that offer a way to earn money in 2023. Numerous individuals leverage the Mantrigame application to engage in colour prediction games using proven winning strategies and patterns to secure victories.

You can employ a similar approach to generate income by using the app effectively and inviting friends and family to join. Moreover, you can access and play this app seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices, even without the need for installation; it's accessible through your web browser as well. Please exercise caution while using the app, as there have been a few updates. Additionally, upon joining, you will receive a welcome bonus of Rs 20.


If you have some free time and want to win incredible prizes and cash, all you need to do is engage in some gaming, as there are numerous fortunate colour prediction games available. I trust that this article about the latest and best colour prediction apps will assist you in earning money.

You can generate income from the comfort of your home. Just make accurate predictions and earn money through the apps mentioned above.


Daman Games is an application where players can earn money by predicting colours. To participate, they need to register and deposit money, and they can withdraw their winnings, or use them for more games.

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